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Uncanni CBD Cat Treats (100g)

CBD treats for cats

All natural with Hemp. +- 200 treats per box


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100% Natural, Wheat free with Hemp

Uncanni CBD Cat Treats are a wholly natural product containing catnip to attract the felines with a minimal amount of CBD (+- 0.1mg per treat) to assist in alleviating pain and stress (both physical and mental). They are made from 100% natural ingredients, most of which are organic. Rice Flour and Sweet Potato are used and to make them attractive to cats we use catnip. They are made in tiny heart-shapes.

Typical benefits of CBD Oil for a Cat are:

  • Ease Arthritis
  • Joint Support & Mobility
  • Eases Anxiety, Fear and Aggression
  • Alleviates Loss of Appetite & Digestive Problems
  • Has been known to restrict Cancers & Tumors
  • Reduces Skin Issues and Allergies
  • Seizures & Epilepsy
  • Reduces Inflammation & Spasms

INGREDIENTS: Sweet Potato, Rice Flour, Catnip, Uncanni CBD Oil, Vegetable Oil, Rooibos, Chamomile, Grapeseed Oil, Free-range Eggs, Natural Mould Inhibitor (Rosemary Extract), Water

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