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Rooibos Aromatics

Rooibos Aromatics was started in 1998 and the range of products was developed using Rooibos tea, Chamomile flowers and Moringa leaf infused with various natural oils, all rich in anti-oxidants and healing qualities. 

Rooibos & Chamomile Oil  for animals is made from the highest quality ingredients. Pure Organic South African Rooibos tea leaves, from the Cederburg and Organic Chamomile flowers are infused in a blend of vegetable and Grape Seed oil. The Moringa, Rooibos & Chamomile Infused Oil promotes a healthy skin and coat. 

The medicinal properties of Rooibos tea are well documented.  It has been shown to boost the immune system, it has anti-allergic and anti-spasmodic properties. Rooibos contains Iron, Potassium and Copper which are all good for metabolic function. Calcium, Manganese, Zinc and Alpha Hydroxy Acid are essential for healthy skin and bones. The Rooibos Health Crunch is packed with pure rooibos and chamomile raw nutrition.


Rooibox Aromatics

Rooibos Shampoo
Dog Shampoo

The Organic Rooibos & Chamomile Dog Shampoo is Bio-Degradable, Non-toxic, Earth-friendly and has no artificial or synthetic ingredients. Especially pH Balanced Shampoo for Dogs. Rooibos is antibacterial and anti-allergenic; it helps to prevent dryness, and soothe the symptoms of eczema and other skin irritations. Chamomile is a natural anti-inflammatory treatment that’s very soothing on the skin. It’s also rich in protective, nourishing antioxidants.

Moringa, Rooibos & Chamomile Infused Oil:
Supplement for Skin & Coat

Promotes a healthy skin and coat, in a natural and easy way. Full of all the goodness of moringa, rooibos and chamomile, it’s the perfect natural solution for your healthy pet.

Rooibos helps to boost the immune system, is anti-allergenic and anti-spasmodic. Rooibos also contains iron, potassium, copper, calcium, manganese, zinc and alpha hydroxy acid, which is essential for healthy bones and teeth.

Rooibos Crunch:
Health Crunch

The complete dried flowers and tea leaves are infused in the oils, the result is a by-product of pure rooibos and chamomile which still retains 60% or more of the good nutrients. The Rooibos Crunch is quite simply the raw nutritious by-product. The Rooibos tea is 100% Organic, thus ensuring that the nutritional value is not compromised by pesticides and other nasties. Animals enjoy this slightly crunchy mix just as it is – a few teaspoons over their food adds interest and dogs will lap it up.