100% Green Beef Tripe Mince 1.2kg (12x 100g)

Replacement for feeding meaty bones and used as treats or to make your own raw food

12x individually wrapped 100g patties per pack that can be defrosted one at a time (ideal for smaller dogs)


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Unbleached, Minced Beef Tripe. Nothing else.


This food is fairly high in fat, it is not recommended for dogs who have pancreatic issues. Feed in moderation to breeds who are sensitive to fat.

INGREDIENTS: Unbleached, Minced Beef Tripe

Guaranteed Analysis
Protein (min) 80 g/kg | 50 g/1000 Kcal
Moisture (max) 720 g/kg | 347 g/1000 Kcal
Fat (max) 180 g/kg | 85 g/1000 Kcal
Calcium (max) 2 g/kg | 0,86 g/1000 Kcal
Phosphorus (max) 1 g/kg | 0,4 g/1000 Kcal

1000 Kcal is approximately 480 g as fed.

Registered in terms of Act 36 of 1947: V29831

Weight 1.2 kg