About Our Treats

Ethically and sustainably sourced premium pet treats

Made from uniquely African proteins

100% Natural and Nutritious


Premium Dog Treats from Nandi

The proteins in our dog treats range are only sourced from local farmers who follow the highest standards of food safety, quality and ethics. The proteins are free from hormones and routine antibiotics, and contain no artificial preservatives, added grains or unnatural fillers. The Nandi Range of dog treats we stock are naturally healthy and nutritious.

Manufactured in a SQF-approved pet food and treat facility

Nandi factory

Jerky Strips:
Anytime Snack

Prepared using all-natural ingredients, the Jerky Strips are guaranteed to contain more than 50% meat. Only pure meat trimmings are used – no mechanically separated or deboned meat, and no meat derivatives. Each delicious Jerky Strip is slow dried and smoked with real hard woods. They are grain-free and only natural preservatives like rosemary extract and rooibos are used. No chemical preservatives or unnatural fillers are used. 100% natural ingredients No grains, gluten or fillers High protein – low fat Rooibos infused (natural antioxidant).

Functional Treats

Every chew is single ingredient with nothing else added. Each Chew is slow dried and smoked with natural hard woods, not liquid smoke. Special care is taken to prepare the chews to give maximum chew time and maximum taste. They are ideal treats helping to eliminate bad breath and improve dental health with something healthy and delicious 100% natural Single ingredient Promotes dental health No artificial ingredients or preservatives.