An anecdotal take on the benefits of Rooibos

I have long been a fan of Rooibos, admittedly from a layman’s perspective. I always find the tea refreshing, calming but uplifting; a very different reaction to the coffee fix (with as much caffeine as possible) I also have occasion to hanker after. I suppose something like chamomile tea would have an equally soothing effect. But Rooibos just seems so much more robust and current. Most importantly you feel so much closer to nature with it been grown on our doorstep, part of the famed Fynbos vegetation, unique and indigenous to our Western Cape coast and mountains. It’s ours!

I am convinced Rooibos is good for me, I just feel it. Scientific research tends to play down it’s value. Everyone agrees it is full of valuable natural anti-oxidants but the question is to what extent it provides effective treatment. From my very limited knowledge of natural remedies, and the goodness from a largely natural diet, the benefits come with consistent application over time.

Advocates of Rooibos remedies boast about the curing qualities of its anti-oxidants for skin issues, from anti-ageing to irritation. Does it work? Well we had a Jack Russell called Roxy who every year at Christmas time developed a nasty skin irritation on the same place on her rump. Cortisone just didn’t do it and she couldn’t handle the side effects. After couple of years we switched to natural remedies. From October, every morning after our daily run we would have our “bottom rub” where I would massage in a Rooibos based oil around the area. Judging by how her eyes glazed over she loved it, and come Christmas time there was no sign of any skin irritation – for us it was a perfect solution. It’s a pity, in hindsight, that in those days we stood steadfast by the traditional kibble diet (albeit top of the range) and didn’t make the switch then to a raw meat diet and avoided the whole problem.

Anyway, in our household we continue to champion the benefits of Rooibos with the doggie side of our family, Abby and Stevie. They love the 100% natural Rooibos wheat free biscuits from Rooibos Aromatics they get as a treat. And every day with their evening dinner we sprinkle some Rooibos crunch. It adds a bit of texture to their raw meat meal which gets wolfed down. Does it do them any good? I can’t comment scientifically, but they are doing great and we genuinely feel we are adding to their well-being with a natural and, I suppose, unassuming supplement. And we feel good about that.

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